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Mission - Values - Vision


JONCKHEERE subcontracting will be a "world class subcontractor" for his clients in a large range of industries
by offering serial productions of welded and machined components being as complex as possible and covering
a wide range of operations and this at attractive price conditions.


The professional approach of all our employees and suppliers, and the performance of our modern equipment
will contribute to an excellent benefit, essential for further growth.
The confidence of our clients will be merited and perpetuated through the quality of our products, our delivery
performance and our creative and innovative approach.
Integrity and respect for people are the fundamental conditions that will help all JONCKHEERE subcontracting
employees to develop fully their faculties so that they can contribute to the permanent growth of the company.


Conjunctural variations and the competitivity of the market oblige us to be innovative and to use the most adapted
process so that our clients can benefit of the best conditions.